Proven Oncology and Hematology Expertise

New insights into the molecular biology underlying malignancy have revolutionized the care of patients with cancer. Oncology is entering an era of precision medicine - where patients receive treatments tailored to the specific genetic makeup and biology of their tumors.

The oncology biopharma industry, and the professionals who support this industry, are challenged to remain current on rapid scientific advances and a changing oncology marketplace. During 2012 alone, the US FDA approved seven new anticancer agents, and expanded indications for a further five existing agents.1 The reach of emerging therapies extends across tumor types, impacting research design, treatment decisions, and product market shares. Within this fluid environment, effective communications include the most current perspectives, and consider interrelated basic science and translational research.

Deliverables from Kineticx are grounded in extensive oncology experience including:

"I take pride in remaining current on advances and new directions in oncology. Through 25 years working with anticancer agents, I've had the luxury of watching, and learning from, the evolution of the oncology arena."
Lee Ann Swenson


1. American Society of Clinical Oncology. Clinical Cancer Advances 2012. Available at http://www.cancerprogress.net/pdf/CCA_2012.pdf. Accessed January 14, 2013.