laptop Medical Writing and Copywriting Services

Whether your needs are big or small, long or short-term, Kineticx can help you craft a solution. We provide medical writing and copywriting services for projects ranging from peer-reviewed manuscripts to medical promotional materials; and our scope comprises a variety of audiences including physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals as well as patients and the general public. We skillfully craft manuscripts delivering strong, evidence-based messages.

Our writing capabilities include, but are not limited to:

"I strive to understand the objective of the piece, and spend the upfront time necessary planning and researching each project. That said, I have no fear of the "red pen" and revise things as necessary to get them just right."
Lee Ann Swenson

• Abstracts and Posters
• Medical Education
• Needs Assessments
• Competitive Intelligence
• Patient Education
• On-label Medical Communications


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