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About Us

Kineticx, Inc. was created in 2003 by Lee Ann Swenson following her successful career in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Lee Ann's love of both science and writing lead her to begin a company where technical expertise drives exceptional deliverables.

Clear and effective medical communications don't happen by accident, and noteworthy medical writers are rare. The best of these professionals possess a skill set grounded on comfort with complex medical science, proven writing ability, and an understanding of the guidelines and regulations impacting various medical documents. The best medical writers also demonstrate a commitment to ethical and professional standards; and will work as part of your team to complete high-quality projects on time and on budget. Through 25 years of professional experience, Lee Ann Swenson has developed these skills and proven herself invaluable on many projects and teams.

About Lee Ann

The inception of Kineticx as a premier resource for companies with commercial opportunities in oncology and hematology was devised in conjunction with, an active partner in the company, and whose vision lives on in Kineticx today.